Sunday, November 18, 2012


Rated: R

Length: 2 hr. 18 min

Captain Whitaker’s airplane takes off in stormy weather. The plane starts shaking because of turbulence. Captain Whitaker levels out the plane, and there is smooth sailing. Then there is engine malfunction, Captain Whitaker is forced to to roll (flip) the plane because of the engine malfunction. He gets knocked out but the plane crash lands safely. Captain Whitaker saved all but 6 (4 passengers and 2 crew members) who died. According to drug tests, Captain Whitaker was drunk and on illegal drugs. The rest of the movie is about him being in denial about being under the influence and flying. Captain Whitaker could face charges of manslaughter, and life in jail. He feels that it doesn’t matter that he’s an alcoholic because he saved people. The night before the hearing, Captain Whitaker’s lawyers put him in a hotel. he couldn’t sleep. He reviews what he is supposed to say in court the next day. He ends up getting drunk that night. He couldn’t wake up because he’s passed out, drunk. He was too drunk to go to court so his lawyers call in his drug dealer and he gives Captain Whitaker a specific drug that wakes him up (so he can go to his court hearing). He gets to court......he is 1 question away from getting out of jail and then he feels guilty and he admits to being drunk when he flew the plane. he goes to jail. and then he got clean....The End!   I give flight a B because there was not enough action for me. The rest of the movie was about Captain Whitaker’s alcohol and drug problems.

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