Sunday, December 30, 2012

Alex Cross

Rated: PG-13
Length: 1hr. 43 min
Dr. Alex Cross is a psychologist and police lieutenant who lives in the Indian village neighborhood of Detroit with his wife, Maria their children, Damon and Janelle, and his grandmother, Nana Mama. Upon learning that Maria is pregnant with their third child, Cross considers accepting a job as an FBI profiler, but fears Maria's reaction, as it would require them to relocate to Washington, D.C. Meanwhile, a man called Picasso participates in an underground mixed martial arts match, where he flirts with businesswoman Fan Yau . After brutally beating his opponent, Picasso is invited to Fan Yau's house in Grosse Pointe. There, he sedates, tortures, and kills her.
Police captain Richard Brookwell calls Cross and his partner, Tommy Kane , to the crime scene. On the way there, Cross tells Kane about Maria's pregnancy and the FBI's offer, and Kane reveals that he is secretly dating their colleague, Monica Ashe. Investigating Yau's murder, Cross deduces that Picasso is a professional assassin, and finds a sketch left behind by Picasso revealing that his next target is a businessman, Erich Nunemacher. Cross, Kane and Ashe go to Nunemaker's office, but he dismisses their claims. Picasso manages to enter the building, but is prevented from killing Nunemacher by Cross, and escapes after being shot by Kane.
Analyzing a drop of Picasso's blood, Cross learns that Picasso is a psychotic former member of the Special Forces and that his real target is billionaire CEO Leon Mercier. Cross informs Mercier that Picasso might be trying to kill him. Meanwhile, as revenge for their earlier interference, Picasso attacks Ashe, sedating and beating her; and kills Maria with a sniper shot, leading both Cross and Kane to swear revenge against him. The detectives learn that Picasso is targeting Mercier at a conference and informs Brookwell, who isolates the area. However, Picasso is able to kill Mercier by firing a bazooka from a moving train. Cross and Kane chase after Picasso and corner him at an abandoned theater. Picasso and Cross fight, leading to Picasso's death.
Cross eventually learns that Picasso's employer was Mercier himself. Having embezzled money from his clients, Mercier asked for Yau and Nunemacher help to fake his death and flee to Bali, and then hired Picasso to eliminate Yau, Nunemacher and a double pretending to be the real Mercier. However, Cross is able to plant drugs in Mercier's belongings before he leaves and informs the local police. Mercier is arrested in Indonesia and condemned to death by firing squad. Having captured Maria's murderer, Cross decides to accept the FBI's offer and move to Washington with his family. Before he leaves, Kane reveals that he also applied for a job in the FBI. After expressing his hope that he and Cross will work together again one day, they part ways. I give Alex Cross a B+ because it has a lot of action but a poor plot line

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