Sunday, December 30, 2012


Rated: PG-13
Length: 2 hr. 25 min
James Bond's mission is to keep a computer hard drive which has a list of MI6 agents from being used against them. He chases Patrice, (the man with the hard drive) and they have a fight on top of a train and Patrice shot Bond in the shoulder during the fight. Eve, (an agent sent to assist Bond) has them in her crosshairs but hesitates to take the shot because she might hit Bond but M orders her to take the shot so she does, and the shot hits Bond who falls into the river and is believed to be dead. Mallory,(the Chairman of the Intelligence and Security Committee) has a meeting with M .A few months later, the British government is upset with MI6 for losing the list; especially at M. She is told by Mallory that she'll be allowed to retire but she refuses to leave until the matter is resolved. So she returns to HQ to work on it but as she arrives, there's an explosion. In the meantime, Bond, who is not dead, has been laying low. When he learns of what happened, he returns. And M tasks him with finding the one who has the information. Bond removed the shrapnel from his shoulder and they traced it to Patrice, Bond is sent to shanghai to find Patrice. Bond met with Q, (the gadget guy) and Q gave him a emergency radio that connected with MI6 to and a gun that can only be used by Bond. Patrice was in a skyscraper and he assassinated someone in the opposite skyscraper and then had a fight with Bond and Patrice fell to his death. Bond found a poker chip in Patrice’s suitcase. Bond went to the casino that the chip was from and cashed it out and he received 4 million euros. Bond rans into a women from the other skyscraper and she leads him to Raoul Silva (the enemy). Raoul Silva gets captured and brought back to the UK. Q took Raoul Silva’s laptop and tried hacking it but it opened Silva’s cell and let him out. Bond chased Silva through london's subway system. Silva set a bomb which derailed the subway which led Bond off track. Bond came just in time to save M from Silva. Bond and M drove to the Bond family estate called Skyfall in Scotland and led Silva there and used booby traps to try and injure Silva’s henchmen. The first batch of hentchmen stood no chance. Then the last batch came in a helicopter with Silva. Bond used dynamite to destroy the helicopter and most hentchmen except Silva and 2 of his men. M escaped with Bond’s friend through an escape hatch that led to a church and they were using a flashlight to see. Silva saw their flashlight and started chasing them. Bond kills the 2 hentchmen but Silva shot M. Silva asked M to shoot them both but Bond comes just in time and throws a knife at Silva’s back. M and Silva die. Bond goes back to the UK and finds out that Eve’s last name is moneypenny and mallory becomes the new M. I give Skyfall an A because this movie has a lot of action and decent acting but the gadgets could have been more futuristic.

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