Tuesday, July 21, 2015

New Movie Reviews

Update: I started adding the reviews

Here are some of the movies I have been watching. To aid us both, I will write two sentences that are straight to the point for each movie.
Some of these movies are really new, while others, are on DVD...

The reviews for these movies will be out in a few days:

  1. Black Hat
    • Realistic hacking, but bad acting 
  2. Ex Machina
    • Decent acting, very dark movie, and inappropriate 
  3. Inside Out
    • Funny movie, more kid oriented 
  4. Jurassic World
    • Lot's of action, great CGI but lacking a plot
  5. Nightcrawler
    • Enjoyable movie with action and good plot
  6. Pitch Perfect 2
    • Teenage comedy that is pretty humorous 
  7. Terminator Genisys
    • Lot's of action, very minimal plot

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